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“By my surprise, The Deaf Unity Advocate did not take my negative words personally. The Deaf Unity Advocate sat calmly with a listening ear so I can hear myself and see the answers to my problems. The Deaf Unity Advocate also shared and showed empathy. I felt safe to unleash my emotions. There were no
interruptions. There were no judgments. There were no criticisms. I felt The Deaf Unity Advocate had a ton of patience with me. My feelings were validated. Finally, I felt understood, believed, and accepted.”

- Deaf Unity Survivor

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The Team

Debra Gorra Barash
Executive Director Interim
Alyssa Hanbury
Statewide Victim Advocate
Kelly Storm
Statewide Community Outreach & Children Coordinator

The Board of Directors

Denise Johnson
Board President
Leah Simmons
Board Secretary
Bonnie Eldred
Board Vice President
Gabrielle Humlicek
Board Member
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