Deaf Unity Appoints Ana Price as Executive Director



March 22, 2019 


Contact: Jim Powell
(608) 305-4971
Photo of Ana Price
Madison, Wis. – Deaf Unity, Inc., a statewide non-profit organization, dedicated to helping Deaf persons affected by domestic violence and/or sexual assault in Wisconsin, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ana Price as Executive Director of Deaf Unity, Inc. Ms. Price will be accountable to the Deaf Unity Board of Directors and the successful administration of Board policy and will be the Board's primary link to operational achievement and conduct. 
In working with the Board of Directors, Deaf Unity staff, advocates, and community leaders, Ms. Price will provide leadership, build organizational capacity, promote organizational sustainability and viability. She will oversee activities of the Deaf Unity staff and volunteers to ensure the delivery of culturally and linguistically competent services to Deaf victims, as well as collaboration and co-advocacy services with local mainstream, domestic violence, and sexual assault programs that provide complementary services to Deaf victims. Ms. Price will also provide backup advocacy services at the client level and will develop and maintain collaborative relationships with other domestic violence victim advocate organizations.
As Executive Director, Ms. Price will also provide performance management, staff and volunteer training, and will ensure effective training, continuing education programs, and outreach services for community groups, first responders, and interpreters. She will also evaluate the effectiveness of advocacy services and identify gaps in and needs for improved and expanded services.
In the financial arena, Ms. Price will manage Deaf Unity’s operating budget and work closely with the Board of Directors and the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer to evaluate cash flow, operating expenses and grant requirements as it relates to the financial management of organizational funds.
She will also expand revenue generating and fundraising activities to support existing statewide program operations and growth. Ms. Price will deepen and refine all aspects of communications to strengthen the Deaf Unity brand.
“Having served six years at Deaf Unity, Ana brings significant experience to the Executive Director position. She will provide significant value to Deaf Unity’s 14-years of continuous delivery of successful prevention, education, and advocacy services to the Deaf Communities throughout Wisconsin,” stated Deaf Unity Board President Jim Powell. He added, “With our Executive Director role in place, our advocacy and counselor teams can provide a broader and deeper array of services to move our clients’ needs better forward. This position fulfillment allows Deaf Unity to meet both the current and future needs of our clients going forward.”
“The appointment of Ana will help Deaf Unity expand our scope of needed services for the Deaf Community,” said Carla Ernst. She added, “Deaf Unity will gain a new Executive Director with the utmost integrity. With Ana’s experience, expertise, strength, and vigor, she will be the positive face of Deaf Unity.”
About Ana Price
With almost-six years at Deaf Unity, Ms. Price started as a volunteer advocate and then became a staff advocate. She worked with and advocated for all Deaf people who experience an array of victimization and crime for inclusion, empowerment, and access. Ana brings an extensive background in victim services at different levels, leadership, management, advocacy, and program development. Ms. Price has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively meet the goals, mission, and vision of Deaf Unity. As a result, she received the Emerging Advocate award in 2017.
As a victim advocate, Ana oversees Deaf Unity’s Advocacy program and supervises victim advocates. Ana trains and empowers victim advocates to ensure the clients’ evolving needs are met effectively. Through her work, Ana has successfully cultivated and maintained strong working relationships with funders, collaborators, and stakeholders to meet crime victims’ needs and offers strategies to enhance responses to Deaf victims. She also has built and maintained strong collaborative relationships with End Abuse Wisconsin, Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Disability Rights Wisconsin, and other DV/SA organizations to educate and offer strategies to help break down organizational silos and promote collaborative linkages.
About Deaf Unity
Established in September 2005 in Madison, Wisconsin, Deaf Unity, Inc., is a statewide non-profit organization that provides prevention, education, and advocacy services for all victims – women, children, and men in the Deaf Community affected by domestic violence and/or sexual assault in Wisconsin. It was formed by Deaf Community professionals, grassroots leaders, and supporters from the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Disability Rights Wisconsin, and the then-Department of Health and Family Services, and the Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Deaf Unity has grown to become a 501(c)(3) organization with paid staff and volunteers to provide direct and advocacy services for Deaf victims. For more information, visit our website at

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